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 On-line vocabulary
quizzes created with
exactly the vocabulary
your students need.
In Spanish, French or English.

The sample to the right has been reduced in size. Give it a try.
    Your students will find these quizzes a great way to study.  Students can go to your school website to easily access your current vocabulary assignment.
    You create the vocabulary lists.   Any vocabulary.   In Spanish, French or English.    The only catch is that it has to be in the format shown below in a word or text file.   Up to 30 words per list.   The program will shuffle the words each time so the quiz is never the same.
    You receive a CD with 20 quizzes with up to 30 words each,  ready to be posted on your school server.    Your school name will appear on each quiz.  These are flash 6 files.  Each quiz will be 550 pixels by 400 pixels and are your property to copy and distribute as you see fit.  You do not receive the source file and you incorporate the quizzes into your webpage.. 
    The cost is $100 plus $5.00 shipping for 20 quizzes. E-mail me here with any questions.
 This is the format your word lists must be in.

[ "one" , "two" , "three" , "four" , "five" , "six" , "seven" , "eight" , "nine" , "ten"];

[ "uno" , "dos" , "tres" , "cuatro" , "cinco" , "seis" , "siete" , "ocho" , "nueve" , "diez"];